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SlimBay CutBack XT Extreme 180mg Strong Fat Burners, Weight Management Supplements

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Our best selling weight management supplement to aid with slimming and weight loss regimes to date.  Designed to promote weight loss when used in conjunction with a calorie controlled eating plan and exercise pattern.  The capsules contain well known ingredients to help control weight such as Caffeine, Citrus Aurantium, Green Tea Extract, Niacin and L-Tyrosine.

This product is part of our *100% money back guarantee.  It is very simple, if you are not happy with the product then contact us for a refund. 

*all capsules must be consumed in the recommended time frame in order to claim the money back guarantee.  for 60 capsule bottles this would be 30 days, for 90 capsules it would be 45 days minimum (based on 2 capsules per day).  

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